The Cast Of Twilight

This is the cast of Twilight in the movie. Just to get a picture of the image of the people if your reading the book. So here is Bella, Edward, and everyone else!

Isabella Swan

Isabella Swan likes to be called Bella. So that is what I am going to call her. Bella and Edward are the main charcters. Bella is a shy girl who has to move from Phoniex, Arizona to Forks, Washington. She has to do this because her mom, Renee, and dad, Charilie, got divorced. Her mom had to go to Flordia with Bella's new step-dad Phil. Bella thinks Forks is a living hell until she meets Edward. A mysterious boy in her Biolagy class.

Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen's real name, when he was human, was Edward Anthony Masen. He was born June 20th, 1901 in Chicago Illinois. He is the adoptive brother of Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmet. When he was 17 he was dying of Spanish influenza. His mother was dying at that time too. As her death wish she begged Dr. Cullen, Edward's now adoptive father, to save her child's life. Then sadly she died after that. So to save Edward Dr.Cullen had no choice but to turn him into a vampire. All the Cullen children have special abilities. Edward can read minds. All minds except for Bella's mind.  

Charlie Swan

Charlie Swan is Bella's Dad. He does not know that Bella hangs out with Edward until she finally introduces Edward to him. Charlie is a police man for the tiny town of Forks. Everyone knows him as Cheif Swan. His best friend is Billy Black. Who gives Bella his old truck.

Carlisle Cullen

Carlisle Cullen is Edward, Alice, Emmet, Jasper, and Rosalie's adoptive father. When Edward's mother died and Edward was left there to die himself Carlisle had no choice but to turn him into a vampire to keep him from dying. Carlisle is married is Esme Cullen. Carlisle turned Esme into a vampire too. Carlisle has a special thing he can do unlike other vampires. Once he bites into someone he can stop. It took long practice. He is also the doctor in Forks. Carlisle can resist blood better than the rest of his family. Though his family can sometimes resist blood very well. That is why Carlisle put his family on a special diet of animal blood. Edward calls him and his family vegatarians. Carlisle's special ability is compassion.

*******Prononced "car-lie-el"*********

Esme Cullen

Esme Cullen is married to Carlisle. She is also the adoptive mother of all the vampires. She got turned into a vampire herself because of Carlisle. Esme cares about Bella very much. She treats Bella like she is also her daughter. Esme can resist blood a little but not as good as Carlisle. Esme's special ability is to love passionatly.

Alice Cullen

Alice Cullen's real name when she was human was Mary Alice Brandon. Her birthday is unknown. She is the sister of Emmett, Edward, Rosalie, and wife of Jasper.Alice is described as being petite and pixie-like at 4 ft. 10 in.! Alice woke up alone as a vampire. She did not get turned into a vampire by Carlisle though. A very old vampire turned her into a one to protect her from James. A tracker vampire who was hunting her. In Twilight James hunts Bella too. Alice treats Bella like a sister. Alice's special ability is to see the future. Though her visions might not always be accurate. For example in Twilight she had a vision of a room full of mirrors. I will not say if this vision is accurate or not.

Emmett Cullen

Emmett Cullen's real human name is Emmett McCarty. He is brother of Edward, Alice, Jasper,and Rosalie. Rosalie is going to be Emmett's wife now. Rosalie was supposed to be Edward's wife but ever since Bella got in the way Rosalie is Emmett's wife. Emmett was found by Rosalie when he was 20 and mauled by a bear. Rosalie was reminded of his face because of her friends baby who had the same dimples and curls. So she carried him to Dr. Cullen (Carlisle). So Carlisle turned Emmett into a vampire and Emmett became part of their family. Emmett's special ability is that he's strong.

Rosalie Cullen

Rosalie's human name was Rosalie Lillian Hale. She is sister of Edward, Alice, Jasper, and wife of Emmett. She was supposed to be Edward's wife but when Bella got in the way Rosalie became Emmett's wife. She was born in 1915 in Rochester, New York. She was described to be the most beutiful person in the world. Rosalie got beaten, raped, and left to die. Carlisle came across her and turned her into a vampire. After Rosalie tortured and killed those who had beaten her but did not drink their blood. Rosalie is not very fond of Bella because Bella stole her husband. Rosalie's special ability is her beauty.

Jasper Cullen

Jasper's human name was Jasper Whitlock. He is a brother to Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, and husband to Alice. Jasper did not get turned into a vampire by Carlisle. He was turned into a vampire by a vampire named Maria. Jasper's job was to teach young vampires and if they were useless he would kill them. Maria did not make Jasper go on a special diet of animal blood. Jasper drank human blood. He also tried to quit because he could feel the emotions of the people when Jasper killed them. But he still lacks self control when he is around human blood. Alice saw in one of her visions that she would be with Jasper. She met him at a half empty diner in Philadelphia. That was when he became part of the Cullen adopted family. Jasper's special ability is to manipulate the emotions of those around him.

Jacob Black

Jacob Black is Bella's child hood friend. His Dad is Charlie Swan's best friend. During Twilight Jacob and his dad, Billy Black fixed an old truck up for Bella. And during New Moon when Edward leaves Forks Bella hangs out with Jacob.


James is a tracker vampire. The evil one in the book Twilight. While playing baseball the Cullen's sense people are aprroaching. But these are no people. They are vampires. But unlike the Cullens they feed on human blood. Bella has a scent to her that vampires crave. So Edward is protective. Everything is fine until a gust of wind blows Bella's scent James goes after her but Edward protects Bella. Then the chase is on. James tricked Bella into thinking he has her mother. So Bella went to go save her mother. But James did not have her mother. He almost killed Bella. But then the Cullens saved Bella. They ripped off James's head and set him on fire.


Victoria is evil just like James. Victoria was part of James's group. But unlike James, Victoria did not die, yet. (I'm only on the middle of New Moon) Victoria chased Esme and Rosalie while James chased Bella.


I am sorry that I am only on New Moon. These are all the charcter's that I know. Besides all of Bella's friends. But Bella's friends aren't really a big part. I'm only on chapter 7 in New Moon. So don't critisize me.

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